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light language in song and word

Updated: May 23, 2023

on opportunities, the way (my) energy works, doubts and mirroring

Another little something to share...

- All pictures in this article are graciously provided by Max Saeling . Thank you!

As many of you know, apart from the deep healing I have been facilitating the past six years, I have also grown into a clear channel for light language in song and word. I haven't always talked about this much

- this year, I've been feeling the urge to share.

The universe responded with opportunities. One of the was being invited as a guest artist at the first networking event by - a collective of beautiful humans in Germany who seek to create lasting relationships between change makers in Germany and beyond.

I was to be on stage two times: First, as a space opener, right before the first round of "speed dating" among guests. Second, at the very end to create closure.


(I want to thank again Kristin Elvers, Patrick Reymann, Olaf Gross and Laila Hamoda for your confidence in me.)

Until a few days before the event, I didn't even really know what I was going to be doing. :)

One thing I have learned about my energy - this might be helpful for some of you:

I get to surrender and be patient with my sensors...


Yes, collect ideas and write them down. Yes, think about what would make sense for the audience, the respective context etc.

And also:

Wait until my sensors properly receive signals of the group's energy field and information on how to work with or alchemize it.

Now, sometimes, that happens two weeks before an event - sometimes it's not until a few minutes before - and then doubt kicks in. Yeah, guys, I am not superhuman.

The event was coming to a close and I felt a heaviness in my being and mind. Like a weight on my head. I began wondering whether channeling would be the right thing at this time. After all, those channelings can often go really deep - and I had already witnessed what a deep, intimate space was opened by the meditative voice activation I did with the group in the beginning.

Should I really be channeling? Wouldn't that be too much? Would it put people in a state where they need rest and be alone? Would I be able to "tone it down", so that the channeling is digestible? After all, once it flows, it flows...

Now, as I am writing this, I feel an inner voice saying: Why are you even sharing this? Why aren't you just sharing how beautiful it was in the end and how you received amazing feedback?

Well, I can tell you:

Developing, showing and working with your gifts is a process! I have had many people in my coaching space who discovered new gifts and the question is always: Now, what? Especially when it comes to spiritual gifts, there is often no clear path. There are people with similar gifts you can check out as an example, ask them your question or even be guided by them, but eventually, you have to find your own unique path with it. So am I.

Back to the story: My doubts became so big, I decided to talk to the organizers and ask for their opinion. (I activated my voice!) Two of them had already received channelings from me a few times, so they were quite familiar with its effects. As I was being received in my doubts and perceptions, one of them said:

"Fedi, the heaviness is what I feel, too. You are not the only one feeling this - it is the field you're feeling. Look around, everyone is feeling this to some degree. You are merely sensing the energy of the room."

B O O M .

What I am so good at seeing in and helping others with, I sometimes don't see in myself.

And... you know what's also special about this?

(1) She was absolutely right. I tend to forget how freakin' connected I am to what's around me. (That was the last reminder I needed since then.)

(2) This was a former client of mine! I am so freakin' proud of her and honored to have had her in my space and now receive her mirroring. What a beautiful moment.

(3) I suddenly knew what to do:

Just as when you come to me with an intention for your channeling - a questions you'd like an answer to, or an emotion that needs resolve - there was now a clear intention for this channeling: Clear the air! Clear the brain fog. Energetically aerate the room, hearts and minds.

Whenever I channel, I first connect to my own point zero. I then open up to the field and the intention. Sometimes that all happens simultaneously. Then, I let go, receive and surrender my voice to the love force that flows...

And let me tell you, it was so beautiful.


  • We all have doubts. It's human. Welcome to being human! ;)

  • When you open to up share your gifts without force, you will receive opportunities

  • Activate your voice! I had the option to keep my doubts to myself. I had the option to give in to the doubts and just decide to not channel, or not go on stage at all. I had the option to not talk about it and go on stage with doubts, questioning the power of my gift and myself - which would not have been a beneficial energy at all to be channeling for a group, as the doubts would have transferred. I didn't do either. I opened up and the whole thing shifted. For you this means: Find people you trust. Share honestly. Stay open to receive feedback and mirroring

  • Developing spiritual gifts takes time, dedication and trust. Do not force them. Honor them. Trust them to work through and for you. You don't need to push them, or yourself, in any way.

  • Check in whether you are connected to your own emotions, thoughts and feelings, or whether they belong to someone else. (Most of the time, it is a bit of both)


If you have questions, or if you want to share your own experience with me (I would absolutely love that!!), just get in touch.

With love and blessings


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