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About Friederike

Hi, my name is Friederike, she who is rich and powerful in peace. I am the Founder of The Sound of You Podcast and Creatrix of Soul Sound Guidance and all Offerings you find on this page.

"Who am I?" is a big question. Who you are is not defined by your age, gender, the way you dress, your job, hobbies, whether you are in a partnership, or your favorite food.

Who you are is the frequency I meet when I see you on the street not knowing anything about you. And yet, this frequency expresses itself in different ways. Here are some ways in which I like to express myself:

I am a human being, soul traveler, I love dancing (especially Cuban Salsa), I am a singer who's been classically trained and loves Musical Theater and Chansons. I am a highly sensitive deep feeler, who has on her own behalf recovered from depression and psychosomatic illness. I'm in a wonderful relationship with a man who complements me perfectly. I love when he makes me espresso, or we enjoy a delicious glass of dark, sensuous red wine

My university degree is in Psychology, but I originally began studying media management. My spiritual journey began 2009 through reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. There was no going back. I have been trained in Energy Work, Emotional Healing, Parts Work as well as Autosystem Hypnosis. My inner evolution has always been intricately connected to my voice. 

The voice connects it all. The voice is your frequency in sound.

From a very young age, I have perceived other people's energy intensely. However, I never realized the intensity of this gift until the pandemic hit. The amount of loneliness and despair I felt were beyond anything I wish for any human being to feel. Through strengthening my own psychic abilities, I understood just how much I feel the collective. I cannot not care about you - I feel you all the time! :)

My Mission:

Liberate each human being who comes into my space. Help them believe in themselves, facilitate wonder and awaken the capacity to love - and share their voice.

I want to create beautiful experiences and spaces for people in which you experience love, acceptance, care - and wonder. Unconditional Presence. Soul Sound Magic. Deep healing trust. Safety of self.

 A warm Welcome to you!

Below you find a couple of impressions of my life in color.

For those who are curious, underneath you find all my certifications as well as trainings, retreats and workshops I have attended or co-facilitated.



Let it go

"Let it go" Theme Song as Elsa in Frozen on Ice (@ Verti Music Hall / Stageview)


Drinking Sacred Cacao in Peru.


Communing with a Lama ("please don't spit") during a coaching travel in Machu Picchu, Peru.

Sacred Circle

Listening... Co-Facilitator at a Sacred Circle retreat in Berlin

Mirror Event

With Teal Swan, as an assistant coach at her CP training in Sydney


On stage as Elsa in Frozen on Ice (© Verti Music Hall / Stageview)


After singing at a wedding in Okongo, Namibia.

Sacred Circle

Self-Indulgence at a Sacred Circle Event in Berlin.

Certificates, Trainings and Workshops


NKP Practitioner | Neuro-Kinästhetisches Programmieren | ChaMa Charly und Martina Lechner

The Healing Voice Masterclass | Simone Vitale |

Women Connect Workshop | Facilitator


Team Member/ Coach | Sacred Circle Retreat | Ram Alsaman New Earth Integration

Love and Leadership | 3 months Mastermind with Julia Phoenix 11

NLP for the Soul | 2 Monatiges Coaching with Simra Master Sorina Iliana Iordache


Online Intensive | Hypno-systemic Concepts, Gunther Schmidt | Auditorium Netzwerk

Suicide Prevention | QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Program | QPR Institute


Team Member/ Coach | The Raw Connection Retreat | Ram Alsaman New Earth Integration


Team Member/ Coach | The Raw Connection Retreat | Ram Alsaman New Earth Integration

Assistant Coach/ Team Member | Completion Process Training | Teal Swan

Assistant Coach/ Team Member | The Mirror Event | Teal Swan

Micro-expression Training | Bert Udo Koch

Masterclass of Personality | Tobias Beck University

Team Member/ Coach | The Completion Process Gathering | Ram Alsaman New Earth Integration


Dalmanuta Reiki Master | Peter Michael Dieckmann

HiQ Update seminar | HiQ-Institut

Power of You Alumni | Mel Robbins


Non-smoking Hypnosis Practitioner | Erik Grösche, HiQ Institut

Completion Process Certified Practitioner | Teal Swan

Bachelor of Science, Psychology | FernUniversität in Hagen


Humanistic Hypnosis Practitioner | HiQ Institut für Humanistische Hypnose | Jens v. Lindeiner/ Erik Grösche


Vocal Studies (4 weeks | Dist. Prof. Emeritus Virginia Zeani 

Second Reiki Degree Dalmanuta Reiki (Extended Usui System) | Peter Michael Dieckmann

Frist Reiki Degree (original Usui System) | Claudia Wagner


Vocal Studies (12 months) | Dist. Prof. Emeritus Virginia Zeani


Italian (C1) | Centro Koiné, Forence (IT)


NGO Internship Humanitarian Work | GRAIF Groupe de recherché et d'appui aux initiatives féminines, Thiès, Sénégal


French (B2) | Alliance Francaise de Lyon (FR)

Abitur (High School Diploma) | Ricarda-Huch-Gymnasium, Krefeld


American High School Diploma | Wallace High, Wallace, Nebraska (USA)

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